Developed by the late JF Hans                                                                                             Wagner nearly a century ago and                                                                                          first registered with United Kennel                                                                                                  Club in 1912, this bloodline is bred                                                                                                  for one reason: to catch game.                                                                                            These working trail and tree                                                                                            hounds have satisfied the most                                                                                            demanding houndsman across the                                                                                          United States and around the                                                                                            world trailing and treeing a wide                                                                                           variety of game. A strain that                                                                                                               a cold track with a beautiful                       bugle-horn voice and natural stay-put tree dogs that tree accurately. Intelligent hounds with plenty of grit and heart.

We acquired our first Wagner Nightrider hound over 55 years ago. Through a selective line breeding program of now over 20 generations, we have been able to maintain & improve on these traits that have made the Wagner style of hound legendary.

Training is not necessary, just exposure to desired game in the proper environment.
Over half of our customers are repeat buyers, some many times over. Several situations of three generations of houndsman hunting this old Iowa bred Wagner/Nightrider bloodline.

Pups $400(guaranteed to run & tree at 1 year )       Alan E. White, Nighthawk Kennel
Started Dogs priced accordingly                                 3174 Middle Sattre Road
Stud Service- Private Treaty                                         Decorah, IA 52101 USA
​                                                                                        Ph# 563-382-2632

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Nowhere does the Old Wagner/Nightrider Blood Run Thicker or as Pure